Raising funds and project managing community development projects in rural Gambia: improving poverty, health and nutrition!

Total Runs:   100      Total 10km’s:   116      Total Distance:   1524km

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Please Note – Now this (2016) 100x10km challenge is complete it has evolved into The Gambia River Run, please check out our Virtual Run Website and Facebook Community to join in. Thanks 🙂
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#100x10k to Gambia River Run!


A belated celebration (locked out of wordpress!) of the end of the #MMRun, how it unfolded and trying to harness the ambition for Gambian community support by transitioning into a new challenge and worthy fundraiser. Read More…

#99 Done – Approaching the final run…


Penultimate run #99 complete, I reflect on an eventful few weeks running, which includes a trip to A&E, a 10min Half Marathn pb, anther exciting Ultra relay, and an inspiratinal 26km run with a registered blind runner. Read More…

#80 Hanglider vs Runner 10k Race


Looking back with a nice little video of the outta Earith, hanglider vs runner, 10k race. Featuring my little neice Millie as spectator, a much heated compeititon with family pride at stake. Who will prove victorious? Read more…

Running For Dear Life – Sponsorship Doubled!


Publicity in the RBS outside in Magazine, leads to some outstanding suppoort and an incredible boost to the fundraising. Read More…

RAW: An Ultra Relay’s Guilty Pleasure !


September 17th saw me take on a slightly different challenge… the River Ayr Way (RAW) Ultra Relay Race. Taking leg 2, on a 23km run through some stunning scenery with a Johnny Brownlee finish. Read More…

Virtual Funrun Video: (May 2016 Gambia)

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Being Clear on Goals – Achieving Sub 40!

29- August 2016

RL Paisley web Slider 1000x400px DM 08 03 16

Focus, relax, focus, relax. I take time out to dig deep on my primary motivators,to gain greater clarity on the goals that I do want to achieve, and strive for that allusive time of sub 40 minutes for a 10k run. Read More…

#65 Tribute: Happy 60th Birthdays

20- August 2016

Happy 60th Birthday Run Glasgow

Ahead of a family Shindig to Centre Parcs, and a failed attempt at swapping my legs for technology, I say happy Birthday to my parents in the only way I know how. Read More…

50 10km’s done, 50 left to run! 

13- July 2016

50 50 Half Way Logo

Celebrating a half way milestone of 50km’s run, I look back on some stats, reflect on the first half of my 2016 challenge and look to the future in an attempt to get back my 10k MoJo and find some motivation for the remaining 50 left to run. Read more…

Chasing Hangliders 

-01 July 2016


A week in Laragne, south France helps me get over the jitters of a swaollen foot and collapsed lung, and back into my 100 x 10km challenge. Running through beautiful mountainous scenes, I take on my June Half Marathon as part of the British National Hangliding champs. Read More…

Two weeks in The Gambia: Green Leaves of Hope 

-15 June 2016


Follow my extended bog that covers my 2 weeks back in The Gambia, a 5 country virtual funrun, a military arrest, a swollen foot and collapsed lung, and being re-united with the community gardens, their tenacious hard work, commitment and progress. This is where your money goes. Read More…

Where the mind goes, the man follows…

-30 April 2016

A Isle of Arran 12km

This weekend I was excited to take on a race that I had eagerly pencilled into my 100 x 10km 2016 schedule… The Isle of Arran 12km Coastal run. As a wild and intriguing trial run, including beach, forest, cliff climbs, meadows, caves, rocks and boulders, this was one I was keen to throw myself into and test my endurance after 4 months of running 10kms. Read More…

The Double Conic!

Conic Peak Windy Colour_2

Recovering from a 2 week absence and the flu with a ‘Double Grin and Conic’, taking on the buz of Balmaha’s Conic hill 4 times with Giant Hill Reps! Read More...

May 21st – Virtual FunRun (#VirtualMmFunrun)

A Funrun_Virtual

On Saturday May 21st I will be running with communities in The Gambia linked to the community development projects, whilst sharing my photos/videos online. Friends, family and strangers from across the world will connect with me in a virtual fun run…. can you show your support and get involved, and have some fun along the way? Read More...

Six Simple Lessons from 3 months running 10kms

Any idiot can run

After 3 months of 24 runs covering 27 x 10km’s and a total Distance of 320km I reflect on 6 simple lessons on running, personal challenge and life. Read More…

Grit, Sweat & Smiles: Alloa Half Marathon!


With 1/4 of my 100 x 10km challenge complete (slightly ahead of schedule) I catch up with a few 10km runs from Nike community runs, the Red Bridge Runners, and a podium place on an RBS sports relief run that sets me up for my first Half Marathon. Read More…

Re-Learning to Dig Deep!


This week I completed runs in Southend, Belfast and a club river race, having to re-learn to grit my teeth and dig deep, in 3 runs in quick succession and under wild weather and race conditions. This led to my fastest 10km of the year of 40 minutes, 29 seconds (not far off my sub 40 target for the year). Here’s how I got on..Read More…

From Track to Snow Storm!


Runs #13, #14, #15 I enjoy some varieety and run laps at a local athletic track, complete a lunchtime run at my work’s cross-country grounds, and enjooy a wild post-ski Glencoe Mountain run in the midst of a snow storm! Enjoy Running, Enjoy the dventure!  Read More…

Six Week Summary & Thank You!

6 Week Summary Running 10km Runs

Six week into the year I summarise some stats, reflect on the last 3 runs in Manchester, Glasgow City and East End, and thank my supporters, sponsors and motivators along the way! Read More…

Archive: In Sickness and in Death 

Afruitica Development kabakama garden

For the Launch of my charity MegaMeter Run Justgiving Page, I dig out the Archive blogs and share a raw an emotional story from back in August 2008. This is the real story behind my motivation to complete 100 x 10km runs and raise money for Health and Nutrition in The Gambia. Read More…

Wet, Windy & Wonderful: 10-25km!

Snow View Loch Lomand

The last week of January and I look to stretch myself, by taking on a couple of stunning trial runs out on the West Highland Way. Possibly over-stretching myself slightly I go from running 10km to 25km in a week on some pretty brutal hills, and learn an important early lesson that might just help see me concentrate on the 100 x 10km Challenge! Read more..

Two Cities: Great River Runs!

Thur_Nike_Run_We Run GLA_2

For 10km runs 4 and 5 of 2016 I battle through January, finding motivation by taking on two great UK Rivers! First I run Glasgow Clyde River with the charming Nike #WeRunGla community, and then to pick up after the recent snow, I manage to fit into my travels a stunning site-seeing run along the River Thames in London. Read More…

3 down, 97 to go!

Glaasgow Red Bridge Runners

I start to get into the rhythm getting 10km runs 2 and 3 under my belt, by joining some pals of the Glasgow Red Bridge Runners, and the Saturday morning Glasgow Tollcross #parkrun. More lessons learnt, and more slips in the mud, alongside a 5k PB that makes me question my competitive streak. Read More… 

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 The Starting Line: It Begins at Home

– January 01 2016

Under the first skies of the new year, I run my first 10km of 100 on home hills with an old buddy. I reflect on some childhood memories and life long lessons that have stuck with me throughout all my travels, and continue to motivate a ‘get up and do’ mindset. Read More…

 Charitable Projects – The Gambia

– Dec 04 2015


After a couple of years absence from fundraising and leading international development projects in rural Gambia, I look back on some of the previous projects, and motivation in preparation for the challenge ahead… running 100 x 10kms raising £2000 to support Mansajang Female Co-operative, agricultural development in the local community Read More…

 Scottish 10kms – Planning

– Dec 01 2015


Focussing in on some of the many 10km runs across Scotland, I seek out some of the lesser known and more interesting runs that can add a bit more excitement and energy to my challenge, help make some new friends, and support some good causes along the way.  Read More…

 Interesting Scottish Runs

– Nov 29 2015

Loch Shiel

In search of interesting Scottish Runs to spice up my 2016 challenge I look beyond Glasgow, to some of the less run spots, helping to build up the excitement and motivated (ahead of starting in the Jan Rain!) Read More…

MegaMeter Challenge:  

– Nov 28 2015
Mega Meter(Mm) Run 100 x 10km Run for charity - Scotland, Glasgow, Gambia

Challenging myself to run 100 x 10km runs throughout 2016, with a number of Goals included, in sponsorship for rural development projects in West Africa. What goals will you set yourself this year to help improve yourself and others? Read More…

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