Scottish 10km Runs ?

– Dec 01 2015


Scottish 10km Runs ?

As the end of 2015 Approaches, my daunting challenge stats knocking on the door. I am cautious more serious planning is required for me to make the most of the 100 x 10km, Megameter Challenge I have set myself.

Part of the challenge is in running almost 2 x 10kms every week, consistently for an entire year. Ideally I would like 50% (a Mahoosive 50) of those to be through official events, but with work, largely work, but also family and other life commitments, then that itself represents a trial.

Having started to put more thought into the years runs, I have been able to think more about variety (the spice of life) and tying them in to other experiences (like holidays overseas) – Now I’m feeling motivated!!

Here’s a quick list of Events I have come across, and ones that quite take my fancy:

1. Edinburgh Sumo Run (Oct) – 5km, can I run it twice, dressed as a Sumo?
2. Glencoe Half Marathon – Running through beautiful scenery!
3. Great Scottish Run (Oct) – Got to do a few commercial biggies!
4. London River Run – Spectacular city scenery, could be a buzz!
5. Barcelona ½ Marathon – Bring on some sunshine!
6. Trossachs 10k Series (Jan-Oct) – 6 Interesting events out of the city!
7. Killin 10km – Drove through this last year and was inspired to attend!
8. Glasgow Mens 10k (June) – Keep some local!
9. Edinburgh Mens 10k (November) –
10. The Gambia – Heat aside, could be an adventure linked to my project!

I know from previous experience some of the little unknown, and sometimes ‘unplanned’ runs can often be the best. I enjoy city running, but I think many city runners miss out on some amazing opportunities out in the hills!

What events are you aware of, or planning to run yourself? Post them below or twitter: blackler_paul, and I will check in throughout the year to get feedback and guest blogs.

Please share your stories. Running is one of those things best done in a community, so let’s run together!

Happy Running!
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2 thoughts on “Scottish 10km Runs ?

  1. This sounds great Paul. I’d love to do something like this and need to get back into running also! I used to do 5-6 miles most nights but have SERIOUSLY let that slip… Good on you! 😉


  2. Thanks to Alun for suggesting Whitelee, which we plan to run soon. Thanks to @JonROls for highlighting the Mull 10k which I will consider for August, @josephemmi for suggestions on the ‘About’ page, and to @Scottishrunner for recommending the Tiree 10k which looks really stunning!


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