Interesting Scottish Running Spots

– Nov 29 2015

Loch Shiel

Interesting Scottish Running Spots

I previously blogged about attempting to run 50% of my MegaMeter challenge (100 10kms 2016) through official events. That means that the other 50% (50 runs) will need a bit of creative thinking so that I am not repetitively running around my neighbourhood streets. That would be dull.

A few initial thoughts:

  • Glasgow Nike Runs – The community that leave from Buchannan st store Thursdays 6pm, Sunday 10am
  • Other City Run
  • Parks Runs – Glasgow Green, Pollok Park,Victoria, Tollcross etc

Then I got thinking about some of the more scenic spots that started to take my fancy, from Glasgow and beyond…

  1. Pollock Country Park
  2. Clyde River run
  3. Clyde Muirshiel Park
  4. Killpatrick hills
  5. Strathclyde National Pak
  6. Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh
  7. Linlithgow Peel, West Lothian
  8. Calanais Standing Stones, Lewis
  9. The little town of Killin
  10. Loch Ness
  11. Isle of Aaron
  12. Calton Hill, Edinburgh
  13. Isle of Skye
  14. Culzean Castle, Ayrshire
  15. Glasgow River Bridges Night Run

Let’s admit it, running is much better when we have a beautiful view and some clean fresh air to take in.

Do you know nice runs in any of these locations, or have any other beautiful spots to recommend, suitable for a 10km run? I would really appreciate your ideas. As always, post them below or twitter: @blackler_paul and I will blog them, and welcome any guest bloggers to share their own running experiences.

Stay Running, Stay Healthy!


photo credit: Loch Shiel via photopin Creative Common License


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