3 Down, 97 to Go!!

Glaasgow Red Bridge Runners

10k Run No. 2 – Glasgow Red Bridge Runners

Distance: 10km

Time: 1hr, 6min, 10secs

Location: Glasgow City Centre

For my second run I had the privilege of joining some pals and making some new friends with the Glasgow Red Bridge Runners, a new group starting Tue Nights 6:30pm from The Red Bridge on Clyde Street.

School Boy Error No.2 – This time I was happy to have my correct running shoes, the kind you have worn in to a level that they now mould comfortably to your feet. Problem is I always wear football socks, and this time, being an after work run, I forgot them and my feet rattled around inside my trainers… A little bit more effort to be organised I think.

1 RedBridge

The self organised group ran a 5 mile (8k) city centre route, which is an interesting way to see the city, chat and get to know people. The advantage is you get to run along roads you might not otherwise know, beautifully lit high streets, and dash through the footfall shopping crowds of the likes of Sauchiehall street.  The downside is the constant stopping at traffic lights – I’m an impatient runner don’t you know. One of the challenges of  trying to run with as many different people / groups in as many different places as possible, is that they do not all run 10k. On this occasion I had to  finish by high-fiving the team and then dash off to run a few laps around the bridge to make up my distance.

Thanks to @josephemmi for organising!

See my No.2 GPS Running Stats or Profile for times/pace and GPS route.
Red Bridge Runners Glasgow Map


10k Run No. 3 – Tollcross #Parkrun (Plus) 

Distance: 10km

Time: 5o mins, 20 secs

Location: Pollock Park & Glasgow East End

See my No.3 GPS Running Stats for the route.

Tollcross ParkRun Jan_small

For run no.3 I decided to checkout the #parkrun scene, which I had heard tons about but had never been. A truly inspirational and dedicated community of volunteers and runners, of all levels, that congregate at local parks all over the country running barcode timed 5k runs.

‘Runners of all levels is a beautiful thing’

Another challenge taking on this MegaMeter run, is that as I adjust I am finding it more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. This was definitely true today, after a long first week back at work, rising bright and early on a Saturday to get down to the park for a 9:30am start. So much so, I got up late and had to run faster than I would have liked just to get there. However I was warmed up and I hit the 5K running (literally!). ‘Runners of all levels’ for a run with this many participants is a beautiful thing because #parkrun clearly inspires more people to get into running for the first time, to be motivated and get/stay healthy. It also means that those competitive among us have the chance to run, or should I say race, at our hearts content.

The icy paths meant an ‘offroad’ cross country grass course had been set, and the run kicked off! I held back in the pack… I cannot run like I use to, and besides I need to last a year of constant 10k running. But the glorious thing is, running in crowds does push you on and I found myself running the fastest I have in years, with the fresh wind in my hair, the mud splashing up all over the back of my legs and laughs, chatter and cheering of community and friendship. I surprised myself by completing my first ever 5km #ukparkrun in 13th position including a 5k PB time of 23:51, but not before taking the final bend and slipping gloriously in the mud!

Thats 3 runs done, two hilarious slips in the mud!
Tollcross Parkrun Mud_small

At the end, a local running legend called Robert Anderson came up to me and gave me a card for Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers, a running club I might well join on a Tue night to complete a future 10km, and so the chain of events continue…

For me this challenge was not so much about times, speeds or positions (although I did set myself some targets over the year). However I think I might have to limit myself to the number of #parkrun 5ks I run because whilst its not for everybody I just cant help it and that competitiveness will inevitably kick in!

Check out #ukparkrun and www.parkrun.org.uk/

Give it a go – Runners of all levels!

Happy Running, Happy Weekend!

Paul 🙂


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