Wet, Windy & Wonderful: 10-25km!

Milngavie Run West Highland Way

Milngavie West Highland Way Trail Run

Distance: 17.88km

Time:  2hr: 01min, 01secs

Location: Milngavie (West Highland Way)

I joined some new running friends from Milngavie, the start of the West Highland Way, a 100 mile stretch from Milngavie to Fort William. Fortunately I was just running the first small stretch, and I picked up Stewart and Nick two Ultra-Marathon trainers who had already run from Glasgow. Therefore it was a calm, scenic pace and we ran for an hour and back, covering 18km. Spurred on by their 50km gallant efforts, and Ultra marathon training stories, I started to consider running an Ultra (53 Miles ish) Next Year… what a challenge!

No.6 GPS Running Stats

West Highland Waay Run

10km River & Park Blast Run

Distance: 10km

Time:  43mins : 28secs,

Location: Clyde River, and Glasgow Green


Mid week, I took to the city centre streets about 8:30pm straight from the office, and headed back to the Clyde River – it’s a nice, quiet, scenic, flat run without being disturbed by traffic. As soon as I hit the river it started pelting it down with rain. Worse than that my GPS watch took ages to snyc so I was standing around in the persisting rain waiting. Worse than that when I gave in, and did start running, a freezing gale force wind picked up and I was running straight into its full force. Worse than that a hail blizzard swept in and I could barely see a thing through the misty cloud of white. Worse than that the hail started pinging off of my eye balls, and I considered giving up and turning in. I put my head down and ploughed through, and almost ran into a bicycle.

When the hail stopped a km later I was left soaked through in a cold wind, but I also realised that I had run the first km in panic, in 4:03. The rain and hail had put a fire in my belly, and  being frozen through I just wanted out of there! I completed a 10k seasons best in 43mins, 28secs. – No.7 GPS Running Stats

25km Balmaha (Loch Lomond) Trail Run

Distance: 25km

Time:  2hr : 36mins : 07secs

Location: Balmaha to Rowardennan Pier, Loch Lomond

Snow View Loch Lomand

Finally, I joined Nick, Stewart and 15 other friendly #WeRunGLA Nike club runners and headed back out to the West Highland Way, slightly further North from Balmaha, East side of Loch Lomond.

We headed out in a pack and instantly the scenery of the loch was stunning. I considered running a gentle 20km but then a few hundred meters along the hills came, and they continued to come, and come and come.

WHW Hill Running

It was a stunning run, and I love being out rural, but this was a beast! There was hills, mud, water, snow, ice, beaches. You name it, it had it!

WHW Snow Path Looch Lomand Runnning

The first 10km were comfortable but I had pushed forward on my own to stretch myself. I reached just past 11km and could see the loch opening up further down the track at Rowardennan Pier. It would be rude to run all this way and not make a visit, so I continued. Unfortunately I hit a ginormous hill that took more out of me than I would have liked, but I made it! That was 12.5km which meant a 12.5km return. The return was an adrenaline fuelled push to get back and not miss my lift back to Glasgow, feeling every painful rock, boulder, sinking sand, and gravelly beach underfoot. The only flat tarmacked km of the route was at 20km in, and I still managed a 5min km, but the remaining hills took its toll – with a 442m Elevation gain recorded.

Loch Lomand Run Glasgow

I had gone from running 10km to 25km in a week. I am not sure if it was this jump under these conditions, the fact I had water swishing around in my stomach the whole time, the Lucozade I downed far too quickly or the chocolate and Flapjack I over-scoffed at the end, but I felt as sick as a parrot. We went for a group meal, but I could hardly eat, talk or even pick up a spoon and I had 2235 calories to replensih! No.8 GPS Running Stats

That’s 1 month done, 8 runs under my belt, and 92 more to go!

Delighted to have pushed myself, thankful for the community of friendly runners, delighted with the scenery, but forget Ultra-Marathons – I’m sticking to 10k’s!

Paul 🙂



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