Six Week Summary & Thank You!

6 Week Summary Running 10km Runs

Six Week Summary (2016)

Total Runs:    11

Total Distance:    150km

January:    105.98km

February (so far):    45km


Furthest Week:    45.17km

My fastest 1k:   4:00 mins

My fastest 5k:   20.59

My fastest 10k:   43:30

You can see a TOTAL Summary on my Results Page

“I’ve learnt its what you do with the miles, rather than how many you have run”

Charity up and Running

So 6 weeks have past since I kicked off this mad challenge. Since my last running blog I have been caught up in getting the charitable side of things set up and securing a partnership with the charity Concern Universal. For all those beautiful kind people out there you can now sponsor me at

So to catch up… 3 more runs completed.

Firstly I managed to squeeze in a lunchtime run on a trip to Manchester. I ran around the city, along the river, across bridges, past the cathedral and through the high street shops a little like a headless chicken; weaving my way around not really knowing where I was heading, only to just keep on moving.

Distance: 10km

Time:  43:14

Location: Manchester City

Secondly Isatou joined me in support, with her own efforts to get into running, with a 5km run completing a couple of laps of Alexandra park, and I pushed on to complete a further 5km to make up 10k.

Distance: 10km

Time:  55:09

Location: Glasgow: Alexandra Park

Joint Run

Thirdly, I hit the streets for a night run, and looped Glasgow City Centre. This was the first run of the year where I really felt like I was forcing it. Perhaps its just my energy being low with work, travel and running, but I think I will have to carb up before the next run! I have also got into taking Chocolate Milk after a run, and I might soon be tempted to try a Beetroot Juice before running – does anyone know any other tricks? I think I will need them.

Distance: 10km

Time:  46:00

Location: Glasgow City Loop


truly struck by the kindness and generosity of others

As with blogging, and fundraising in general, I always find it a little difficult to put my voice out there and inconvenience people with the request to donate, but I am always truly struck by the kindness and generosity of others. A big thanks for those that have run with me, promoted me online, or motivated me through conversation. Those that have donated, and those that are planning to donate, a big, BIG thank you. Not only have you given something to my project and the Gambian people and the communities I will work with, but you have given me something very beautiful also.

It certainly makes all the running worthwhile.

Until next time, Thank you!

Paul 🙂
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