50 10km Done, 50 10km to Run!

50 50 Half Way Logo

This week, two weeks into the second half of the year, marked the half way point in ticking off my 100 x 10km runs. That’s me celebrating 50, and that’s a bit of a milestone…

Total 10km’s:   50      Total Distance:   582km

  • This includes 6 Half Marathon distances, one every month of the year.


If I am honest it has passed by a bit unceremoniously in my mind. I don’t feel like I have my running MoJo back, since recovering from my recent leg and lung injuries.

As my rather geeky Burndown chart below shows (normally available on my results page), I am still a couple of runs behind, but not far off considering the 3 weeks I had out. The blue line shows the ideal average rate of runs 100 over 52 weeks. The orange line shows my actual progress. Where my actual runs (orange) fall below the average (blue) I have been ahead of schedule. So you will see weeks 15-20 (mid April – mid May) was a healthy patch and saw me run 12 x 10km over a 4 week period.

Week 22 marks the end of the virtual funrun, and my leg/lung recovery post Gambia visit, and bar week 3 marks the only points I have been behind schedule.

BurnDown Agile Chart Mega Meter Run

Burndown Agile Laabels

Unfortunately, I’m yet to get the addiction back into my veins, and there were recent moments where it felt like the rest of the year was going to be a slog. I know I have to be patient, and continue to work at it. However, on reflection, I have to take some positives. I remind myself that I have run in some great and varied places – Manchester, Birmingham, London to name a few. I have run with some great and inspiring people I now call friends. I have ran some memorable events – Southend Sunrise, Isle of Arran 12km, Alloa Half Marathon. I have ran some stunning places, my beloved Dunstable downs, South of France and The Gambia.

50 50 collage

Now as I look to the second half of my journey, I reflect on £1,500 raised for The Gambia. I start to re-plan some interesting runs ahead, and plan in more variety and  as a result I start to feel more motivated, and looking forward to what the next 50 might have to offer:

  • Man vs hanglider race against my cousin,
  • Family Centre Parks run
  • 7  10ks in 7 days,
  • 3 Glasgow stadiums and 6 parks
  • A couple more Half Marathons along the way.


Thats 6 Months since it begun,

Mayhem, madness and fun,

Thats 50 10k’s done,

And 50 left to run!


Here’s to good health!



Donations still very warmly apprecaited… www.justgiving.com/megameterrun 


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