#65 Tribute: Happy 60th Birthdays!

Happy 60th Birthday Run Glasgow

This year celebrates my parents 60th Birthdays, and with family spread out across the globe we took the opportunity to celebrate in August with a family trip to Centre Parcs.


There is no way that I can ever show the gratitude and love I have for my parents for the people that they are, the loving parents they have always been, and the positive support and influence they have been in my life.  However, ahead of the family shindig I thought it only fitting to dedicate a 10km race in my parents honour.

Isatou supported me, and ran and marked the spine of the route. There was a classic moment of turning a couple’s heads when I called out “I am just going to do a P”. Despite having to fit it into a busy schedule and doing it on a Friday night with some pretty odd looks whilst running up and down city centre streets , it was a good laugh and orienteering offered something a little bit different.

Talking of different… I got my first go on a Segway, and I would like to think I was pretty good on the offroad track, until I managed a wee crash and broke it 😦 I think I’ll stick to running!


Sometimes in life I guess we struggle to say a proper thank you to our loved ones, and we settle for ways we only know how. Right now, I know running, so to my awesome parents…


Happy 60th and Thank You!

xx-xx -xx






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