Running For Dear Life… Sponsorship Doubled!


In August, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), my employer, wrote an article in their Q3 magazine ‘Outside In’, on my running in the MegaMeter 100 x 10k challenge in the context of my relationship with the Gambia… Running for Dear Life. It marked close to 3 years into my role with the company, and I could not have opened up and shared such a personal story at the beggining, so it felt like a personal milestone.

I have consisntely said that the 100 x 10km running is the easy part, relative to the fundraising which is much harder. In the past I have rode the fundraising wave with amazing support from freinds and family, but I often regreted not being able to move it beyond this to something greater, to have even more of an impact onthe ground in The Gambia.

Throughoout the year I have enjoyed the running. I have loved the running. Getting back into fitness, fighting the sofa deamon, pushing myself,  feeling the satisfactioon of self improvement, striking PBs and achieving goals. It has been great. I set a 2,000 fundraising target that I soon increased to 2,500 when I realised all that needed to be achieved with the community gardens we are looking to support. However, I never really knew where the fundraising was going, who was reading the blogs, or where it may or may not venture.

The fantastic news is that the RBS article has helped boost fundraising considerably. Firstly a few donatioons came into justgiving, and then a kind like-minded soul reached out with a desire to help. Tapping into their network they have been able to fundraise offline totalling a stagging sum cloose too 2,500, doubling my fundraising overnight.

When I first received the news I froze on the spot, and could barely move. In a time when it feels like the world arouond us is close to imploding, the genersity of people never fails to amaze me. Now is a great time to focus more on the community work, and the amazing benefits that I know can be achieved.

Read a cpy of the RBS Outside In Aug 2016

For all those that have suppoorted me on my journey, a big grateful thankyou!

Im 86 x 10km’s done, 14 left to run.

This Sunday is the Manchester Half Marathon… wish me luck!

Paul 🙂

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