100x10k to GambiaRiverRun

Well despite, being locked out of #MMRUN wordpress, and resorting purely to facebook updates I am keen to still document the final to the challenge as we look to continue all the amazing fundraising in new ways. Run #100 was reached in November, with some wide coverage, incuding runABC Scotland, leading up to the grand finale.


Run 100 was celebrateed with a few friendly and dedicated local Glasgow runners down on the Clyde River with an early morning 8 bridges 10km along the river…


The 10k’s had become a bit of an addiction and there was no other choice but to continue for the remainder of the year, so I was able to clock up #116 with the final 10k of 2016 being fortunate to return to where it all started, back on the dunstable downs for an early new years even run with old school pals..


What an incredible year of running, so many memories, so many friends, so many adventures, only one or two niggling injuries, some increibble PB’s, some truly beautiful places to run, and all for a cracking cause that truly does mean a lot. So once again thanks for all the support.

MMRun slides1.jpg


2017 has fast moved on to the next challenge, The Gambia River Run – A virtual funrun where yyou receive Tsshirts and medals for your donation! Having achieved so much for the rural agicultural projects that we support we are not yet done! It would feel wrong to end it all now, and there is still so much more we know we can help the community to achieve.

There will be at least one more MegaMeterRun blog to update on exciting news as Mansajang Gardenwork implementation begins, and we secur efurther successes with international partners… watch this space!

Big Thanks,

Paul 🙂

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