– Nov 28 2015

Welcome to The MegaMeter Challenge!

Having not run much at all over the last 3 years, I have set myself a challenge to complete not 1, not 2, but 100 x 10km Runs over the year of 2016! That equates to approximately 2 x 10km runs every week, with the real challenge being to complete that consistently over the entire 52 weeks of the year, covering a whopping 1,000 km or 1 Million Meters! – A MEGA METER (Mm)!

That’s akin to running from Antwerp to Nice across Europe.

Welcome to ‘The MegaMeter Challenge’!

I have set myself some rules:

  • 10km has to be completed in 1 sitting. Two separate 5ks do not count.
  • For Logistics: A mix of official 10km races and local runs (using run tracker)
  • Multiple 10kms can be completed at once – A half Marathon is 21km (2 x 10kms).

Part of this challenge is to set myself some personal challenging targets. I am not entirely sure whether 100 x 1okms is do-able managing this with other work and life balances, and attempting to stay in complete health throughout the entire year…

– But this stretching target will hopefully motivate and push me on to run plenty, to be more focused, motivated and healthy in life, and to meet good people and share great experiences along the way!


I have set myself some stretching targets:

  1. Complete 100 x 10km Runs
  2. Complete a 5km run in under 20 mins
  3. Complete an official 10km run in under 40mins
  4. Complete an official Marathon in under 3 hours

I have set myself some objectives:

  1. Raise £2,000 for Mansajang female co-operative (The Gambia)
  2. Contribute to income generation and health/nutrition improvements
  3. Motivate through Running

Everyone’s targets are personal to themselves… As we reach 2016 I wonder what personal goals you could set yourself to improve your life and those of others? What are your running or health related targets for 2016?  Post them below and I will blog them, and check in throughout the year to see how we are all doing.

Sign up to hear my stories, follow my ‘burndown’, link in on Twitter: blackler_paul, and contribute to this fantastic cause – Any form of support will mean a lot, so thank you!

Interested to join in – message me!

Stay Happy!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey mate, here are some 10Ks you might be interested as you asked me, based on those that I did last year and some I know happen around the city.

    Brian Goodwin 10K (Glasgow)
    Men’s 10K (Glasgow, Edinburgh and few other cities)
    Paisley 10K
    Great Scottish Run (Glasgow)
    Jimmy Irvine 10K (Glasgow)
    Mo Run 10K (Glasgow and other cities)
    EMF 10K (Same weekend as the marathon – Part of the same event, different days)

    Hope it helps.

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